Now that you have your bow look for a bow case to keep it safe. Which bow bag is best for me? It’s a no-brainer, but the answer will take you in some cases and far from others, depending on your bow type.

Many novice archers mistakenly believe they can also use a regular or duffel bag. However, these bags are not suitable for carrying your archery equipment.

A bow case can protect your bow if you carry it in, so do so. The bows are susceptible to damage during transport. If it is severely damaged, you might need to replace the entire bow, even though it may only get scratched in some instances. With the help of a bow case, you can transport all your equipment easily while keeping it safe.

Consequently, you need to buy a sturdy case for your bow. When you first begin, selecting the appropriate bag may be quite challenging. You lack the knowledge to easily compare all the available options to buy bow cases online. The following section will cover factors you should consider when selecting a bow case.

What are the Bow cases?

Bow cases aren’t just for storage; they’re vital to protecting your bow and keeping it in good condition. That means protecting it from the elements, pets, kids, airline baggage handlers, bumpy travel, and any other hazard you can and can’t think of.

Types of Bow Cases?

While it makes sense for seasoned archers, many novices are unaware of the distinction between a compound and a recurve case. However, it is crucial to understand the distinction because putting your bow in the incorrect bag can result in numerous problems. Let’s quickly go over the differences.

Compound Bow Cases

If you own a compound bow, know it is unique and contains delicate parts. Therefore if you don’t maintain it properly, it can affect optimal functionality. Then you need to choose the best compound bow case, and we are here to guide you through this process.

Soft Bow Cases

As the name suggests, soft cases are made from softer and lighter materials. This makes them quite easy to carry around.

Don’t expect soft cases to offer the durability you get from hard cases. For this reason, you must be incredibly careful when handling this bag and its contents.

Soft bow cases have a sturdy cloth exterior with a supple outer shell. They resemble gym bags but are longer and narrower and have various compartments for storing your archery supplies. Soft bow cases are lightweight, keep everything together, and are simple to transport.

Hard Bow Cases

With a hard case, the exterior comprises a sturdy material like sturdy plastic. This case is perfect for protecting the contents from any form of damage. Its durability is what makes it the best bow case for hunters. While hard cases offer the best protection, portability is one area where they fall short. A hard bow case’s interior has various compartments to hold your bow, arrows, and other archery supplies.

Hybrid Bow Cases

Combining the best qualities of both soft and hard bow cases, a hybrid bow case is designed to be the best travel solution for your valuable archery and archery gear. A hybrid bow case provides complete safety and ample storage space for two compound bows. It also offers roomy front pockets to store your archery accessories and grips for easy portability, and its high-density nylon material is known for its optimal tensile strength.

Camo Cases

The camo cases are a great option for you if you are a bow hunter. Camo cases are soft and hard, the main difference being their camouflage exterior. As expected, it works incredibly well when you’re out in the wild. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, a camouflage cover makes it easy to blend into your surroundings.

It has a weather-resistant nylon exterior and cam pockets to protect your gear. The thick closed cell padding inside is also great for keeping your bow and other accessories securely in place.

Recurve Bow Cases

As you can take your recurve bow apart, storing it in a small case is much easier. We always recommend disassembling your recurve bow during transport as it is less vulnerable if you disassemble it.

Most cases have a large pocket that will hold your bow. Inside this large bag is a long, narrow pocket that fits your limbs and sling. You can store temples and risers in separate pockets, which ensures protection from scratches.

Soft Bow Cases

With a recurve bow case, you have the perfect companion for every situation if you are a recurve bow user. The case is popularly known for its extreme portability and generous storage capacity. Made from lab-tested nylon material, plus reliable foam padding on all sides, the cover offers superior all-around protection. And with internal pockets and a front pocket, this bag can also hold any extra gear you might want to combine with your bow.


A backpack has the advantage of being able to carry the bow on the back. This is especially useful if you walk or bike to the archery range. Most backpacks also have a handle on the side of the bag, which allows you to carry it like a suitcase. Thus, an archery backpack is a very flexible option and is used by most recurve archers today.

Roller Bags

Want to avoid bringing a bow? Why not just roll it? Rolling bags have a wheel mechanism that allows easy traveling. They look terribly like traditional travel bags and function the same. The only difference, of course, is that these wagons are wrapped with a bow instead of a costume.

While backpacks are better for short trips, stroller bags are better for longer trips – especially if you have to fly. As well as being extremely practical, they are also airtight and secure, ensuring that your bow is not damaged during transport.

What You Should Look Out for When Buying a Bow Case

Features on bow cases abound. The most common characteristics that archers seek in a bow case are described in more detail below.

Interior Cushioning

Basic and high-density/plush foam options are available for cushioning. Even though this kind of padding is effective, many archers purchase a larger case to pack extra padding—like clothes—around their archery gear. This can be helpful with more delicate components like pins and arrow rests.

Waterproof Functionality

If you use a waterproof bow case, neither your bow nor its accessories will get wet. Even though water doesn’t usually affect them, a bow and arrows must be dried immediately. If water seeps inside a bow case, it might cause damage to some of your equipment.

Storage space

As expected, you want a bow case that does more than just store your bow. From traditional archery accessories like arrowheads to options like trigger aids, stabilizers, and mounts, the ideal bow case should offer enough storage space to keep as much as possible in one place. For arrows, most bow boxes provide room for 6 or 12 arrows. However, the space you need for other accessories depends largely on your shooting style.

Mobility assistance

Most bows today have shoulder straps for easy access by the archer. This is particularly important for ease of use and convenience. The soft bow bag has a shoulder strap made of thick nylon webbing is one of its most impressive features.

The backpack has wide straps that distribute the weight evenly so that you can carry your archery equipment more comfortably. The hybrid cases have wheels for easy portability.


With this feature’s aid, you can ensure that no one can access the equipment in your case. Travelers should consider TSA-approved locks. The Transportation Security Administration will cut off your current lock to check your bag if you don’t have a TSA-friendly lock, and they need to do so.

The Right Protection Your Bow Needs

Caring for a bow is not difficult, but it does require care. Whether you’ve just bought your first bow or are playing with a fine antique bow or a modern handmade bow, the basic rules are the same;

  • Keep it safe
  • Know when to tighten or loosen the hair
  • Keep it clean
  • Know when you need a repair
  • What to do if you can’t lose the hair
  • Check for wear

Final Thoughts

After reading what we’ve covered, you can be confident that you’ll choose wisely regardless of whether you want a high-end hard bow case with pinned hinges and spring-loaded latches or a straightforward soft bow case that can carry all your archery equipment with ease.

You should be aware that you can select the best bow cases from amazon to safeguard your archery equipment so it lasts for many years. Moreover, you can check the prices of bow cases online for a better option.