It is important to learn How to Hold a Bow and Arrow when shooting. The better the grip and holding style, the more the accuracy. If you have just started practicing archery, it is better to follow a guide on how to hold the bow when shooting. The key to becoming proficient in shooting is understanding that it is not just about firing an arrow. Factors such as bow grip, stance, arrow placement, finger positions, drawing method, and aiming all come into play.

The Basics of Shooting

Before learning How to Hold a Bow and Arrow, let us understand the basics. The first part of shooting is taking a correct and firm stance. It would be best if you stood upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and 90 degrees to the target. Next, you should have a relaxed yet firm grip on the bow. After that, place the arrow on the shelf of the arrow rest, and push the nock on the string so that the cock fletch point upwards. Finally, position your fingers so that your index finger is above the arrow and two fingers below it.

While drawing, make sure you use your hand muscles and not the biceps or arm. The index finger of the pulling hand must be under the chin, and the string should be touching your nose and lips. Align your arrow with the target using your dominant eye and relax your grip on the string with your fingers slipping backward. Maintain your body posture while watching your arrow hitting the target!

The Style of Holding Bow and Arrow Depends on the Type of Bows

There is no single way of holding a bow and arrow. You hold a compound bow somewhat differently from the recurve bow. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to hold the bow for a better archery grip. Here is the most straightforward guide you can get on how to hold different types of bows.

How to Hold a Compound Bow and Arrow?

The first part of holding a compound bow is angling your hand and holding the bow in this angled position. Next, extend your arm with your hand perpendicular to the ground, then turn it clockwise around 25 to 35 degrees. Next, spread your fingers in a relaxed manner. This is how you hold the compound bow for more accuracy. In this position, you might feel a pocket in your hand. Here is where you adjust the bow grip. Finally, relax the fingers around the grip with your index finger brushing against your thumb and all the other fingers relaxed and loosely curling around the handle.

How to Hold a Recurve Bow and Arrow?

Pick the longbow while it is horizontal to the ground. Line the bow vertically with the string and the whole unit facing the ground at 90 degrees. Angel, your non-dominant hand as mentioned above, and hold the bow grip in the pocket of the non—dominant hand. The hand should be positioned so that the thumb is resting on the back of the bow, and the fingers are curling around from the front. Make sure that your fingers are easy yet steady and their position does not change while you shoot. In the meantime, your shoulders, arm, and wrist should be relaxed, and only the hands should be tensed.

How to Hold a Longbow and Arrow?

Hold the longbow perpendicular to the ground with the stick portion horizontal and perpendicular to the body. The strings should be vertical to the stick. The bow grip should be placed in the dominant hand with the primary point of contact roughly on the base of the thumb. In the longbow case, the bow grip is just below the thumb pocket. The general rule is to place the thumb behind and the fingers in front, rest you need to play around a little to get a firm yet comfortable position. Lastly, like in all the other bows, the force should only come from the hand.

The Bottom Line

While shooting, it is essential to pay attention to fine details. The placement of the fingers and thumb and the hold’s tightness is crucial to the proper execution. You never hold the grip too tight otherwise, your arm, wrist, and shoulder may be too clenched and become shaky eventually. This primarily impacts the accuracy, and the arrow will miss the target.