You’ve probably experienced the difficulties of shooting an arrow off your knuckles. This isn’t only happening with us but also with the early archers, who also consider the possibility of a more practical and secure way to hold their bow. Many companies worldwide are still working on making competitive arrow rest in the twenty-first century. However, the arrow rests continued development is excellent news for bowhunters, who can now choose from various designs and prices.

You can improve your accuracy without sacrificing speed by selecting an arrow rest that guides the arrow without slowing it down. We’ve tried various rests with varying designs, features, and prices. These are our top best arrow rest picks.

Trophy Taker Rh X-Treme Pro Rest

Trophy Taker Rh X-Treme Pro Rest


  • Simple to set up
  • The built-in noise reduction system
  • Steel containment ring with rubber over-molding
  • Fleece-covered for improved performance.
  • Guaranteed for life

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This is one of the most simple and best arrow rests available. The Trophy Taker X-Treme Pro arrow rest is a cable-actuated, drop-away rest designed for extreme hunting situations. The built-in noise-dampening system gives it a church-mouse feel and a smooth dual-bearing function, making the transition between drawing and letting go worry-free.

This rest has a rubber-covered steel containment ring, and the Trophy Taker signature launcher bumper system makes the launcher quieter. The arrow rest is lined with fleece to keep it completely silent. It comes with an arrow guide as well as limb mounts. This rest is perfect for the bowhunter who prefers to keep things simple and doesn’t want to spend much money.

Quiktune 360 Full Capture Brushes Arrow Rest

  • Greater precision with less contact
  • Brush with full containment for maximum accuracy.
  • The shafts of all QuikTunes are made of hardened steel.
  • QuikTunes are all vibration-resistant.
  • Simple to set up
  • The ideal piece of equipment for a professionals

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The Quiktune 360 capture brushes let you shoot arrows without touching the vane and from any angle, even upside down. In addition, it has fletching clearance in all weather conditions and angles, making it one of the best arrows rests.

The arrow rest holder combo keeps arrows perfectly aligned for precise shooting. The NAP Quiktune 360 bow arrow rest‘ fantastic feature will keep the arrow at any angle, and the arrow will not fall off the arrow rest. This rest doesn’t need any deicing products in wet weather. The 360 CaptureRest will keep your arrow from moving when the wind blows. Even in high winds, the brushes keep the arrow in place.

With the new capture arrow brushes on the arms, you won’t lose any speed, and your fletching won’t get damaged. This rest has a hardened steel shaft and Teflon-coated stainless steel arms that secure the arrow. You can surprise your archer friend with this NAP Quiktune hunting arrow rest.

Trophy Taker T3453 LH Tripwire Drop Away Bow Rest

  • Bus Cable Driven
  • Metal and Polymer Construction
  • compact and lightweight
  • Built-in noise dampening
  • Elevation and windage adjustments

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With a lightweight design that allows the bowhunters to concentrate on the target. They don’t have to worry about getting the arrow to the proper spot on the rest. The Tripwire is a Buss cable-driven drop-away arrow rest with a rigid polymer and metal design.

The Trophy Taker rest has proven to be dependable and effective in bowhunting. This rest is sleek, quiet, and accurate. It has an excellent dampening system, a soft spring, and a launcher style. In addition, it has an integrated noise-dampening system for quiet draw and release. The resilient Tripwire will overcome whatever challenges you throw at it.

Safari Choice Brush Capture

  • Complete arrow containment
  • Minimal fletch damage
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Reduce friction
  • It works for both the right and left hands.

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Unlike other rests, the Brush arrow rest has a Clear View feature that allows you to see the entire arrow and tip and is among the best arrow rest. Because there is little arrow contact and no feather contact, your fletching will last longer.

Because of its low cost and pinpoint accuracy, it has rapidly become one of the most popular types of rests. Another feature that distinguishes it is its ease of installation and adjustment. You can correct it for wind or other environmental exposures while hunting.

It has vertical and horizontal adjustments to fit your bow better. It is made for right-handed and left-handed bows and works with most compound and traditional bows.

Jiexi Fashion Archery Arrow Rests Drop Away Arrow Rest

  • Tool-free adjustment and simple cord installation.
  • Full containment and a noise-dampening feature for capturing.
  • Simple, challenging, and dependable operation.
  • Index marking with a laser.
  • Right-hand use.

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Featuring a simple cord setup, it can be easily adjusted. Toolless adjustment and straightforward cable setup are two of its best features. A full-containment cage and a sound-deadened capture feature keep the rest from falling off the bow.

Jiexi fashion arrow rests are the most dependable drop-away arrow on the market and the quickest to drop. It is simple to use and has a rugged and reliable operation. It also has a laser index marking and a self-centering, felt-covered felt cover.

Jiexi Fashion arrow rests are designed for right-handed use and is available in black and camo colors to customize it to your liking. This is a full-containment arrow rest designed for spot-and-stalk hunting. Nock an arrow and let it go!

Trophy Taker Smackdown Lockup Arrow Rest

  • Mechanical locking mechanism
  • A sound-dampening system
  • 3-point mounting system
  • Simple adjustments
  • Great design and long-lasting

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The Trophy Taker SmackDown Lockup arrow rest works like a safety on a gun. It has integrated roller bearings for perfect mechanics, a secure 3-point mounting system, and a durable design that will last for whatever reason you are using it.

Lock-Up, Fall-Away, and Limb-Driven Rest with roller bearings integrated for smooth mechanics. The mounting bracket has two contact points to ensure your equipment never fails and has relatively simple adjustments.

It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that has been precisely machined with hardened stainless steel parts made to last. As a result, it has a stable operation, made possible by a full-mold containment ring with a sound-dampening system built right in.

Hamskea 211088 Trinity Target Micro (Left Hand)

  • High precision
  • Drop away design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-functional

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The Hamskea Trinity Target is a simple, cable-driven drop-away with some of the features of more expensive arrow rests. Left Hand Hamskea Trinity Target Micro Silver is designed for target archers seeking precision.

A fixed blade or drop-away design can be converted to full containment to suit your tuning and preferences. It has a vertical and horizontal adjustment that is micro-adjustable. The inline dampening prevents the blade from bouncing back, and the arrow holder keeps the arrow in place while drawing.

The drop-away mechanism can be activated in various ways, including top limb, bottom limb, or cable activation. In addition, it features the “Zero Play” design for maximum consistency, making the best arrow rest on our list.