From Olympic events to shooting arrows in the field, archery has been widespread. However, if you’re already an expert archer or beginning your journey, there are methods and archery tips to increase your skill and become an even better archer than before.

This article will look into eight archery tips to assist you in improving your archery abilities and shooting more accurately than before.

8. How To Grip A Bow

A significant thing to remember is that you need to have a comfortable grip. Hold the bow with your left hand if you are right-handed, and vice versa. Make a V with your index and thumb. Allow the handle of your bow to sit within the V. Then gently wrap your fingers and thumbs over the bow handle. Your fingers should be curled to ensure they don’t stick out of the bow’s path. There should be to bend the elbows of the hand. Don’t hold your elbow.

7. Stretch Bands

Every shooting session should start by warming up. For this, you can use elastic exercise bands. It is important to note that this equipment isn’t just utilized in an archery instruction course.

With stretch bands, archers can recreate the movements of muscles when shooting with ease and effectiveness. They also allow archers to master all the movements and postures in relation to the archer’s activity without worrying about the limitations of shooting.

The benefit of these devices is they can be utilized at any time, anywhere. For instance, you can practice automating your actions and placements in your living room and experience sensations using elastic bands.

6. How To Paper Tune A Bow

The concept of “paper tuning” bows has increased in the past few years. If you don’t understand what it is, It’s shooting a bow through a piece of paper to check whether it’s going straight or kicking one way or the other from the bow. It is a process that uses mechanical releases to see the straightness of the shot. By using the process of paper-tuning, you will be able to check that the bowstring, arrow rest, and nocking points are aligned and straight. Also, you can assess if your posture and hand posture is proper.

5. Have a Shot Routine

The most important way to improve your archery skills is to make it a routine. The more frequently you shoot and the longer your session is, the more effective your shot will be to improve your skills.

Take a minimum of 20 minutes every day; your improved capability to hit targets over time would be convincing evidence for you to keep practicing regularly.

4. Watch Your Footing

Another thing that is often overlooked in archery is how your feet are placed. It’s another thing many people talk about, but few people look at their feet. People tend to become too focused on their goal, drawing, and equipment – anything else but their feet.

The truth is that the further apart your feet are, the more powerful they’ll be when you shoot. So your feet must be at least an arm’s length apart. One trick to help keep from slipping up on your posture is:

When you are ready for shooting, plant your feet first before focusing on your shot and posture and all other aspects that are likely to make us forget our feet.

3. Look at Your Posture

You’ve heard it many times: posture is crucial for improving your shooting. However, many archers ignore this essential fact.

Your posture is crucially important since it directly influences your goal. So if you want to increase your accuracy, you should start by focusing on your posture today.

We all know where we’re supposed to stand and the required posture, but do you practice it?

Take your bow and stand in an area large enough to allow you to view your entire draw. Don’t even look into the mirror just yet. Draw your bow in the same way you usually do – make sure you don’t look in the mirror when you’re doing it! Once you have your bow drawn, take a look at your drawing on the wall. Are your posture and position perfect?

Repeat this several times without looking at your watch as you draw the bow. Check your posture. Are you noticing a problem or an area you’re required to work on?

2. The 10 Second Rule

Many archers, including intermediate archers, are guilty of this habit. They let their shots go quickly and become impatient, and don’t aim for long enough.

Slowing down and giving yourself enough room to focus on the target, drawing a full breath, and then releasing the shot is often one of the most challenging things new archers have to accomplish.

When you’re aligned and focused on the target, wait for ten seconds, Then let the shot go. Repeat this process every time, and you’ll be able to see your accuracy improve several times.

1. Make Notes To Monitor Progress

Recording your lessons, writing down the number of arrows you’ve shot and your scores, weather conditions, and any other minor adjustments will let you know how you are getting better. Also, reminding yourself of how far you’ve come can motivate you to keep improving.


If you’re trying to improve your archery abilities, we’ve created a set of steps and mentioned some archery tips that will aid you. The key is to determine which techniques are practical for you and what feels natural while shooting arrows.