Like any other sport, Archery needs to be safe for all. That is why every archer should abide by some archery Safety rules. Archery tips from our mentors or elders often comprise of the basic etiquettes such as no horseplay, only shooting when ready, and no haste. If the basic etiquette is followed, Archery is the safest sport you can ever play. According to Archery Trade Association’s Archery Safety brochure, from 2007 to 2014, only 1 in 1000 participants was injured. The facts clarify further that if archers follow the safety rules, there are fewer incidents of accidents than in other sports.

Importance of Having Safety Rules in Archery

Every archery range must-have safety rules to allow all archers to feel comfortable knowing that other participants will behave with the proper etiquette. It will encourage a healthy and fun-filled environment to enjoy shooting to its fullest. They also promote an atmosphere where archers can focus more on their technique than on safety.

Archery Safety Tips to Save You From Any Accident

Following are some easy tips that you can follow on your own to save yourself and others from any accident:

Be Aware of Where You are Facing

To become an able archer, always lock your target first. Always be aware of the direction where you are shooting. It is important to point in the safest direction, such as only downrange the firing line of your target. Always hold your only bow when shooting; otherwise, keep it on a table or the ground.

Don’t Shoot in Haste.

The next thing you should be very careful about is never shooting when you are not ready. Saving yourself and others is way too important than taking an accurate shot. Don’t release the shot until you have accurately locked your target. Set your direction and have estimated the distance. When you shoot in haste for shooting, there are higher chances of your arrow going away from the target and thus injuring somebody.

See What Things Surround Your Target

If you are shooting at a range, check if things might break around your target. If you are shooting outside, you may want to see for anything that you are putting in danger, even behind your target. It is better to have a backstop because that rules out the chances of hitting something you shouldn’t be hitting. Never shoot if there is any animal or human between or in the vicinity of your target.

Don’t Brag or Horseplay.

If you are shooting at a range, there can be plenty of other players beginning to learn. Never brag about your skills just for the sake of getting appreciation. Never conceit or bring somebody down for their lousy shot. It would help if you gave everyone their due time to learn. On the contrary, if you have learned a new shot, mentor someone around you to practice with them. But group play should never mean yelling, screaming, or shouting. Ranges should never be confused with playgrounds. In most ranges, the voice echo, and thus your voice may hinder someone’s sense of focus. It is basic etiquette to take care of others’ comfort.

Pay Attention to Instructions Like ‘Hold’ or ‘Stop.’

This is the most important thing; you need to be aware of your surroundings while simultaneously engrossing in your shot. If on the range, if you hear someone yell, stop or hold, stop there immediately. You may quickly want to undraw your bow and unlock the arrows at this moment. This is sometimes a mock command given by the mentor on the range to check everybody is listening and aware. Sometimes actually, when you are on the field, somebody that you might have unnoticed feels himself/herself to be unsafe while you shoot.


It is the responsibility of every archer to follow archery Safety rules to make shooting safe for everyone. These archery tips and etiquettes involve no rocket science, and everyone can follow them with no hassle. Another essential safety tip is to regularly check your equipment, such as string, arrow alignment, and a bow sight, to ensure your hit where you shoot.